our love, our pasta

We are one big family all genuinely mad about fresh pasta and the pure satisfaction it brings to the taste buds. We strongly believe there’s much more to pasta than flour and water.

Our pasta comes from the factory floor, made fresh every morning from the skilled hands of our very own artisan pasta makers. Our style of pasta originates from the regions of southern Italy, where food and agriculture are truly embedded in people’s sense of identity and belonging.

Our fresh pasta is the mouthwatering culmination of a creative amalgamation
a mixture of modern innovation and traditional pasta-making techniques. It’s unique and eclectic, but every aspect of our pasta making can be traced back to Italia.

Fresh Pasta

We produce our pasta on a daily basis following classic recipes and using fresh products with non-long-life ingredients to guarantee you the true taste of the Italian tradition.

Frozen pasta

From the same daily production we allocate a part of it for controlled freezing, to always ensure the quality that distinguishes our pasta, even and above all in your homes.

our production

We pay a lot of attention to the smallest details – something you might not expect for a food as simple as pasta.

Here’s why: the quality and the care lavished on every ingredient at every step, turns what might have been an ordinary dish into an extraordinary eating experience.

You don’t have to go through your life struggles alone...
Have your fresh love everyday!

Catering Services

Send us a mail for your catering requests.
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