“There is a difference when it comes to artisan fresh pasta here in the United States, and we are it.”

From our production facility to the table of our restaurant, our pasta is made every day fresh and expressly cooked to enjoy the best Italian food experience. We mix flour, water and eggs with our passion for food that comes intact from our deepest Italian origins.

Fresh. Homemade. Fast. Al dente.

Best Ingredients

Our Factory utilizes the age-old technique of pasta extrusion, which originated from the South of Italy. ‘To extrude’ is defined as ‘to push out’ or ‘to shape’, and through this method of creating fresh pasta, dough is pushed through bronze dies which hold the shapes of common pastas. Once pushed through, the pasta dough comes out looking like the pastas we know and love.

Artisan Process

The method of extruding pasta with bronze dies does not just result in fresh pasta which uses the revered Italian tradition, but also in pasta with a very distinct texture. Because of the high pressure and the ensuing tension from extruding, what comes out is pasta with a coarse texture. This is a defining quality of artisan pasta extruded from bronze dies, and is also the feature that we think makes it special.

True Italian Experience

One more thing that makes our fresh pasta unique is its flavors. We use only the best italian flours in our production. The flavors we add to our pastas are sure to enhance its natural tastes, as well complement sauces really well, leading to a brand new gastronomic experience.

fresh. homemade. al dente.

real italian cuisine

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